As in; Jordan has it all and my book on Jordan is complete!

The last pictures are taken and Ive shared with my wife nearly all the beautiful places I've visited last year. Now all that is left is leaning back and enjoy the rest of our time here.

Our itinerary was taken care of by the skillfull people of the Jordan Tourism Board and fell nothing short of fantastic. Our wish was to have a balanced mix between relaxation and excursions and they did just that.  You can perfectly rent a car and plan your itinerary by yourself, but we opted for a driver.  Big advantage is that you have someone who speaks the language and that might come in handy sometimes. Our driver was a treasure: very skilled and attentive, he soon became part of our 'team'. 

Along the way we had wonderful encounters and beautiful experiences, I can't stop emphasizing the amount of hospitality the Jordanians possess.  As I've mentioned before; the pictures that I missed for the completion of my book can now be added. We had a streak of luck that the skies in Dana were clear and that all the fields were super green this time of year.

If your curiosity has been triggered feel free to contact me or the Jordan Tourism Board (www.visitjordan.com) for more information on travelling.

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