Completely Jordan

Our itinerary was taken care of by the skillfull people of the Jordan Tourism Board and fell nothing short of fantastic. Our wish was to have a balanced mix between relaxation and excursions and they did just that.  You can perfectly rent a car and plan your itinerary by yourself, but we opted for a driver.  Big advantage is that you have someone who speaks the language and that might come in handy sometimes. Our driver was a treasure: very skilled and attentive, he soon became part of our 'team'. 


The Jordan Story relived

In february 2017 I went on an adventure with my friend Maarten to the beautiful country of Jordan.
Now, one year later, the story I've written is done. But more importantly, the pictures I have taken are combined with that story and they make a perfect representation of the Kingdom's rich culture and diversity.

We (my lovely wife and I) are embarking on a trip along that same route to once again experience the Jordanian hospitality and take some final photo's to go into the book.
It will be available through my website.