New layout and fun projects

A blog has been added to our site so I can keep you posted about our latest projects and workshops.

Several interesting workshops will be planned for 2018.  Final dates will be released before the end of this year, so keep an eye on my social media.

As you might have noticed I am currently working on a couple of fun projects.

Project Jordan
The book following our photo trip to Jordan is progressing steadily.
I'm working on the layout and the text is being redirected and translated as we speak.
To be continued...

Project Daniel den Hoed, Erasmus MC
In the past and following months I am also working on depicting the staff of the Daniƫl den Hoed cancer department of the Erasmus Medical Centre Rotterdam.
This institution on the south shore of Rotterdam will be lost and relocated to the new building in the city centre. 
From this project, a book will be published as well.

Project GGD Haaglanden
Currently I am also working on a fun and unique photo project at EMS The Hague.
The results will be very promising but at the moment I can't tell any more.
Before this year is over the project will be released.  Be patient!

Hart in Aktie, SBS 6
This spring I have been approached by the production team of channel SBS6 to collaborate in a TV production for the TV show 'Hart in Aktie'.
Tonight they air the episode.
It has been my pleasure to help.

Enough to live up to my good intentions for 2018; doing stuff that I love and provide me with energy 

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