Project Erasmus MC

It has been quiet for a while, but in the meantime I have been very busy.
Project Jordan is up and running but has to step aside for Project Erasmus MC.
The complete hospital will move to the centre location this weekend, starting friday.
A project of staggering proportions in which patient care has to be continued while an enourmous logistic operation takes place.

Depicting this project in a most striking manner will be my job.
A nice challenge and I am really looking forward to that.


Completely Jordan

Our itinerary was taken care of by the skillfull people of the Jordan Tourism Board and fell nothing short of fantastic. Our wish was to have a balanced mix between relaxation and excursions and they did just that.  You can perfectly rent a car and plan your itinerary by yourself, but we opted for a driver.  Big advantage is that you have someone who speaks the language and that might come in handy sometimes. Our driver was a treasure: very skilled and attentive, he soon became part of our 'team'. 


The Jordan Story relived

In february 2017 I went on an adventure with my friend Maarten to the beautiful country of Jordan.
Now, one year later, the story I've written is done. But more importantly, the pictures I have taken are combined with that story and they make a perfect representation of the Kingdom's rich culture and diversity.

We (my lovely wife and I) are embarking on a trip along that same route to once again experience the Jordanian hospitality and take some final photo's to go into the book.
It will be available through my website.


Creative Strobist Photography

Along with make up artist Thamar and models Daphne, Garis and Marijn we let our creativity explore last weekend.
This particular kind of shoot was on my mind for a long time and finally I've found the time and space to carry out this production.
The main goal for me was to experiment with colored gels during a shoot with multiple off-camera speedlights.


Sportief aan de slag

Afgelopen week bezig geweest met fotografie voor Sam3DFit.
Een jonge en enthousiaste sportinstructeur die voor alle leeftijden een passend trainingsprogramma maakt.
Samen met een klein groepje gemotiveerde deelnemers een paar mooie platen kunnen maken voor de nieuwe website. 
Dit motiveert mij zelf ook weer om het sporten weer een beetje op te pakken dus de eerste stap is al gemaakt.

Ook knappe foto's voor op je site en/ of social media.
Neem vrijblijvend contact op voor de mogelijkheden!


Diverse workshops nog beschikbaar

Met de bekendmaking van de nieuwe workshops voor 2018 is veel reaktie gekomen; de eerste workshop is al helemaal vol!
Gelukkig zijn er meerdere data voor de workshop basisfotografie, dus je kunt je nog inschrijven voor één van deze dagen.

Wil je eens wat meer uit je camera halen, dan zijn er ook nog de strobist en avond- nachtfotografie workshops.

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