Behind the scenes

A fotoshoot involves a lot more than people think.
There is preparation, planning, location research, light plan, assembling and setting up equipment and additional makeup.
It usually takes a lot longer than the shoot itself.
I found out that a television production takes even more time and preparation; multiple people are working for days on end to produce a couple of minutes of television.

It was fun to experience this firsthand and see how many people are involved in such a production.

I would love to work with this team again!


Adventures in photoland

Several interesting workshops will be planned for 2018.  Final dates will be released before the end of this year, so keep an eye on my social media.

As you might have noticed I am currently working on a couple of fun projects.

Project Jordan
The book following our photo trip to Jordan is progressing steadily.
I'm working on the layout and the text is being redirected and translated as we speak.
To be continued...